A’Keitha Carey

A’Keitha Carey is originally from the Bahamas. She received her B.A. in Dance from Florida International University and an M.F.A. in Dance from Florida State University. She completed her Certificate in Women’s Studies from Texas Woman’s University where she is currently working to complete her PhD. A’Keitha created CaribFunk™ technique, a genre fusing Afro‐Caribbean, ballet, modern, and fitness principles. Within this multifaceted exploration, she is investigating theories in the areas of: Dance Studies, Feminist Thought/Womanist Thought, Critical Pedagogy, Critical Race Theory, Ethnic Studies, and Cultural Studies. Her research attempts to establish the relationship between the technique and Caribbean popular culture; establishing how it can provide a sense of citizenship and identity acting as an embodied protest against the politics of domination; addressing why it is important to students of color in academia; and reinforcing the marriage between Caribbean cultural performance and “the erotic as power.”

Subversive Identities in Performance: Bridging Theory/Connecting Practice

Website: www.caribfunk.com
Email: www.caridance100@yahoo.com
Twitter: @Akeithac